Puppy Process

Learn more about the purchasing process for your new Doodle puppy.

Purchasing Your Puppy

Can’t wait to get your paws on a new goldendoodle puppy? We don’t blame you! Check out the following steps to ensure a smooth and informed transition into pet ownership.

First, please answer our answer our screening questions here.

Thankfully, this is the most boring part about getting your puppy!

Second, after answering our screening questions, you can place a deposit to reserve your puppy, or a spot on our wait-list. 

We will provide the following with your puppy:

-Your puppy will be bathed, have their nails trimmed and groomed!

-A scent blanket with the mother’s scent.

-1-2 toys that are appropriate for your puppy’s size and breed.

-1.5lb sample of high quality puppy food (that they are used to)

-Health Guarantee/Contract

-Vaccination Schedule/Record

-Deworming Schedule/Record

-AKC Microchip implanted and registered – a $50 value!

-We will need your puppy’s chosen name before the point of registration if you would like this done!

*We will need your address of where the puppy will to register the microchip

To reserve one of our puppies, you would first need to place a deposit of $500. 

We encourage all of our customers to be 100% committed to us before placing a deposit. A deposit is seen as a commitment to a puppy from us, we are/or will be holding a puppy for you. If you are unsure of your decision, wait and ask us any questions you may have!

Your deposit is non-refundable. 

The deposit is $500 which will go towards the total cost ($1,500) of your puppy.

We accept:




We have buyer/seller protection and your information is secure and private.

We welcome our customers to come out and pick up their puppy in person, but we have other options as well, including custom drop off/delivery, shipping your puppy by air, and more!

Here are a few other options for you to get your puppy:



-We can drive the puppy directly to your doorstep, please contact us for a quote on your custom delivery! 

-We also offer dog shipping services and can personally ship your puppy by air. One of our employees can personally fly with the puppy to your location for the price of the ticket plus $500. This will cover the cost of travel, parking, and employee time. If an overnight stay is needed, this cost may be higher.

Make A Deposit

Reserve Your Puppy Now!

If you want to make a deposit on a Golden Sheepadoodle Puppy, click the button below or call for the latest up to date puppy info.